Creating Outstanding Slides with an AI-assisted PowerPoint Generator

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2023-12-22 18:59:43

Are you tired of making unimpressive PowerPoint slides manually? Do you want to effortlessly impress your audience with visually captivating and engaging slides? Can you believe with the help of artificial intelligence, presentation PowerPoint slides can be made in less than 1 minute? Just have a go at an AI-assisted PowerPoint generator: Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint.

The Power of AI-Enabled PowerPoint Generators

Time flies when you endeavor to create PowerPoint slides and make trade-offs on every single page to achieve consistency. With the help of an AI-assisted PowerPoint generator: Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint, you can create impressive slides with just a few clicks in less than 1 minute.

Benefits of Using an AI-Enabled PowerPoint Generator

Time Efficiency:

While making PowerPoint slides manually is time-consuming and spirit-exhausting, AI-assisted PowerPoint makers take neither time nor energy from human beings in making PPT slides. Only a few clicks can enable a PowerPoint generator to generate slides in less than 1 minute. So, saving time is the essential benefit of an AI-enabled generator. For example, at Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint, it takes only 1 minute to generate more than 20 pages of AI PPT slides in only two steps (type the topic and choose the template). A PowerPoint generator driven by artificial intelligence can analyze data, extract key points, and generate content for slides, saving users a lot of time to create content.

Making No Basic Mistakes:

When making slides manually, hardly can we be completely focused and careful. Normally, we make a few mistakes including typographical errors, font inconsistency, color incongruity, and so on. Well-trained Artificial Intelligence won’t make basic errors like this. These tools can automate the formatting process, ensuring a consistent and professional look throughout the presentation. For example, Online AI PPT maker Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint makes no mistakes when generating slides.

Visual Appeal:

Making aesthetic works is always harder than just appreciating them. When we’re making PowerPoint slides manually, not only does it take massive time and energy to make slides with pleasing aesthetics, but also we factually lack the creativity and patience to make beautiful slides. Whereas, AI tools can suggest visually appealing layouts, color schemes, and graphics to enhance the overall look of the presentation. Automated image selection based on content analysis can improve the visual appeal and relevance of the slides. Sometimes when it comes to aesthetics, we normal people should rely on the power of AI-assisted tools to make well-crafted slides with pleasing aesthetics. For example, at Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint, beautifully crafted templates with wonderful design are available for you to choose.

template ppt

How an AI-assisted PowerPoint Generator Works in the example of Smallppt

1. Content Analysis:

After you type the topic, the generator analyzes your content to understand the message you are trying to convey. Then it will generate an outline based on your topic.

2. Template Selection:

A lot of templates will be offered to you. You should select the most suitable template for your topic.

3. Swift Generation:

After the template selection, it takes only one click on the “Next Step” button to generate more than 20 pages of AI PPT slides in less than 30 seconds.

4. Customization or Regeneration:

Basically, you have the ability to customize the design options to fit your specific needs and preferences. Moreover, If you are not satisfied with the generated slides, you can regenerate a single page by clicking on the “redraw” button and making your revision. That single page will regenerate according to your revision.

5. Free Insertion:

If you think the generated works don’t offer enough information, you can freely insert what you want including texts, images, shapes, tables, lines, charts, audios, videos, and logos.

Choosing the Right AI-assisted PowerPoint Generator

When searching for an efficient AI-assisted PowerPoint generator, we should consider the capabilities and pricing of each option. Whether it is cost-effective becomes the straight first question popping in our mind. As for Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint, You can get started with generating your PowerPoint slides in Smallppt for a trial at the cost of $3.99 for 3 days and get charged $9.99 every month. With the features of being well-functioning, life-changing, economical, and easy to use, Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint can be a good option for you.

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