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2024-04-07 19:01:09

PPT is a powerful presentation tool with multiple functions, such as slides, animations, and sound effects. With these tools, the presenter can better control the pace and flow of the presentation, making the presentation smoother and more organized. It also provides a wealth of visual elements and tools, such as colors, shapes, animations, and so on, which can help to create beautiful presentations. Having a high-quality PowerPoint, can make your presentation more successful and convince your audience more easily. With an AI PPT generator, the task of making a PowerPoint presentation would be convenient. Today we’ll look at how to use Smallppt to have an AI PowerPoint presentation.

The functions of PowerPoint

1. Information transfer: PPT can help users present complex information concisely and intuitively, making it easier for the audience to understand and accept. Through the use of charts, pictures, animation, and other elements, PowerPoint can effectively convey ideas and information.


2. Education and training: PPT has a wide range of applications in the field of education and training, teachers can make PPT courseware to assist in teaching and help students better understand the knowledge points. At the same time, PPT can also be used in corporate training, seminars, and other occasions to improve the training effect.


3, Business presentation: PPT is widely used in the business field, such as product introduction, market analysis, project plans, and so on. Through the beautiful PPT presentation, enterprises can better show their strength and value to customers, partners, or investors.


4, Meeting reports: In all kinds of meetings, PPT is often used as a reporting tool to help speakers clearly and methodically elaborate ideas. Through the PPT, the audience can more intuitively understand the content of the report to improve the effectiveness of the meeting. Discover the content of the wonderful and outstanding place, and visually produce a wonderful feeling.

AI tool powerpoint presentation ai ppt

What are the features of Smallppt's PowerPoint?

1.  Automatic content generation: Users only need to enter the content topic, Smallppt can automatically generate a PPT outline copy that meets their needs, eliminating the time required to conceptualize the content. It will generate the content according to the outline determined by the user.


2.  Various template selections: Smallppt offers a variety of professionally designed templates to choose from, allowing users to quickly create visually appealing presentations that align with their branding and style preferences. For example, the Pretty aesthetics note theme, virtual metaverses theme, HR& Teamwork theme, and digital market theme.


3.  Auto-layout: Smallppt can automatically arrange text, images, and other elements on slides to create balanced and aesthetically pleasing layouts. This makes a slideshow with a consistent style for users.


4.  Smart formatting: Smallppt can intelligently format text, adjust font sizes, and apply consistent styling throughout the presentation to maintain visual coherence. With AI PowerPoint software, users can get a compelling PowerPoint more easily.  

5.  User-friendly: Smallppt interface is simple and clear, easy to operate. The software functions and operation steps are well-designed. Users can get a good experience in it.

6.   Multiple Effect Options: Smallppt provides users with multiple effects for easy editing. Such as animation effects, text effects, insertion of pictures into the table, and so on. After generating the initial AI PPT, users can further modify it to achieve the most satisfactory effect.

AI slides

Use Smallppt to have your AI PowerPoint:

1.  Sign in or logo in. When you want to use Smallppt, logo in or sign in Smallppt. Then follow the “AI Slide” and create your AI PowerPoint.

2.  Type your topic. After you have found the topic and the main content, you can type your topic on the Smallppt. Smallppt would create an outline automatically with the topic you've typed. You can change the outline generated by AI as you like. After addressing, click on “Generate my presentation” and go on.


3.   Choose templates and prepare visuals. Choose one of the templates you like the best that Smallppt provides and click on “generate”. You can also prepare some relevant images, graphics, and videos to enhance your presentation. Look for visuals that represent your topic, such as posters, teasers, star images concept art, etc.


4.   Create and modify slides. Click on the "Generate" button and wait for Smallppt to create slides for you. Smallppt would provide simple and focused slides, with a clear title and concise bullet points or short sentences. You can modify them according to your topic and content.


5.   Address common audience questions. Anticipate questions your audience may have about the topic and address them in your presentation. A Q&A session would benefit your presentation. Your question should also focus on the details of your presentation. 

6.   Review and download the slides. You can check the slides by going through them several times. If you are pleased with them, download or save them.

7.   Practice and review. Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your presentation to ensure smooth delivery and to familiarize yourself with the content. Check your slides for accuracy, clarity, and coherence.


8.   Encourage audience participation. In addition to creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation, audience feedback is very important. Encourage engagement by inviting your audience to ask questions or share their own experiences of your topic.

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AI tool powerpoint presentation ai ppt

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