Introducing the AI Presentation Maker: Smallppt's AI PowerPoint

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2023-12-23 15:32:56

We’ve found a life-changing AI-assisted tool and cannot wait to share it with you. Let’s jump straight into it and introduce you to our excellent tool!

Newly Emerging Force: Artificial Intelligence

If you ask me what the word of the year in the technology field is, the answer must be AI(Artificial Intelligence). With the sudden booming of ChatGPT, people have paid more attention to the help offered by Artificial Intelligence throughout this year. Adaptability is a word that defines Smallppt. We have channeled artificial intelligence technology into the PowerPoint generator tool: Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint, enabling us to offer help whenever you need help with presentations. Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint is a life-changing, problem-solving, efficient, and excellent tool that keeps up with the times.

Nowadays, Internet service tools,that are powered by artificial intelligence, are popping up like mushrooms. They vary in product integrity and cost-effectiveness. We couldn’t fall behind, so we launched Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint. We’ve tried our best to perfect the product and build up the cost-effectiveness, just to offer timely help to every user we cherish.

The AI Presentation Maker

Need to deliver a presentation very soon? The upcoming deadline might make you anxious. Lack of time, inspiration, and energy leads to the low productivity in making PPT slides manually. However, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence (AI) for PPT, Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint can help you make PPT slides.

In Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint, there are “designers” behind the scenes offering help to make PowerPoint slides for you 24/7. Wouldn’t it sound great? Allow me to introduce how to get timely help from those dedicated “designers” from Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint step by step.

Working with it

Before benefiting from the life-changing tool, we need to familiarize ourselves with the process of using this tool correctly and well. The extent you understand the working mechanism of artificial intelligence doesn’t matter at all. It only takes you a few simple steps to successfully enable the tool to generate AI PPT slides for you according to your requirements.


First of all, decide on the topic. Perhaps you have a business meeting soon and you are the one to deliver a business presentation. Maybe you’re just a college student who is expected to make a final presentation at the end of the course. To get started, you need to simply type the topic, letting the AI know what kind of content you want to make. AI will analyze the topic you’ve typed and initially generate an outline of the slides for you.


Apart from the actual content, what counts is the graphic design of the slides. In Smallppt’s AI PowerPoint, an immense variety of templates are provided. You are the one who has the right to choose a suitable template to fit your content. So, after the “type your topic” process, you should choose a template for your slides.


After the template selection, it takes only one click on the “Next Step” button to generate more than 20 pages of AI PPT slides in less than 30 seconds. Wouldn’t it be convenient? Without the help of artificial intelligence, we couldn’t imagine how time flies swiftly as we spend dozens of time doing it manually. It only takes less than 1 minute to generate slides with more than 20 pages!

Further editing and regeneration

Well, the reality is current artificial intelligence technology may not be able to fully understand, transform, and export human intentions and ideas. Therefore some of the generated slides might not be completely what you wanted them to be. That means that we, humans, always have the initiative to edit the generated slides. And that’s what artificial intelligence really stands for to assist human beings and not to decide on everything for human beings.

What we’re trying to say is that If the generated slides won’t satisfy you, we have our own set of online editing tools at your disposal. Text, colors, images, arrangements, icons—everything is modifiable. What’s more, if you think the generated works don’t offer enough information, you can freely insert what you want including texts, images, shapes, tables, lines, charts, audio, videos, and logos.

Moreover, except the further editing, you can still rely on the AI again: by regenerating a single page. When your cursor is placed on a single slide on the left column, you need to click on the “Redraw” button and make revisions to the title of the page. Click on the “create” button and a single page will be regenerated according to your revision.

Downloading the presentation or save it online

The PPT slides that are created with our AI can be downloaded. You can click on the “Download” button to export the slides as file formats like pptx, jpeg, png, or pdf.

A more conservative approach is to additionally save the slides online. All you need to do is click on the save icon. When you click on the “created by you” button at the workshop site, you can see your saved slides.

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